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  CONTEXT-17: Submitting a paper

  Submit the final version

Files to submit

Please, first check that your paper is in the Springer format. See below "Preparation Instructions"for preparing your final version, otherwise it will be not possible to take in consideration your paper.

Unfortunately, the EasyChair conference system will not allow authors to upload all the files needed by the publisher (Springer). Consequently, after preparing the final version of your paper, create a zip file or tar file that contains the following items:

A PDF version of the paper

•  The source files used to produce the PDF files
  • for papers prepared with LaTeX, this includes all style files, any special font files used, the figures used (e.g., the EPS, PDF, PNG, etc., files), and the .bbl file produced by (e.g.) BibTeX (NOT the .bib file)
  • for papers prepared with MS Word, this includes the Word or RTF file as well as any other files needed to produce the PDF version of the paper

A completed copyright form (see below)

A page (PDF or Word) that lists:

* Contact author information:
Provide the name and email address of the person to contact about the paper. Springer (and we) will use this for any additional information we need as well as for person to send the proofs of the paper to.
* Correct representation of author names:

This includes a suggestion for an abbreviated running head, if appropriate. From Springer’s author instructions:

Authors’ names should be written out in full in the header of the paper. They are shortened by us to “initials surname” in the running heads and take the form “surname, given name” in the author index. If you or any of your co-authors have more than one family name, it should be made quite clear how your name is to be displayed in the running heads and the author index. Chinese authors should write their given names in front of their surnames at the tops of their papers. If you only have one (main) name, please make sure that this name is written out in full in the running heads, when you check your final PDF. Names and affiliations cannot be changed once a paper has been published. Also, if you have more than one paper in the vol- ume, please check that your name has been written consistently throughout.

[ ] ORCID:
If you have an Open Research and Contributor ID (ORCID) and would like to supply that to Springer, please include that in the email as well.

The source files are necessary because Spring will modify those as needed (e.g., to add page numbers, etc.) to create the proceedings. The PDF file is needed so that the editors can compare their version with the version you created.

To reduce the size of your submission, if you sending a tar file, please compress it with gzip after creating it.

Send the zip or tar file to Patrick Brézillon at You must receive an acknowledgment within the two following days, it means that your paper did not arrive. In this case, first try sending your document in two smaller zip/tar files to reduce the file sizes (which sometimes causes mail not to be delivered) or put the zip/tar file on a server and send a link to it to   If you still do not receive an acknowledgement, contact us directly at that email address.

Copyright form

Springer requires that at least one author sign a copyright form and return it to us. From Springer’s author instructions:

Please send your signed copyright form to your conference publication contact, either as a scanned PDF or by fax or by courier. One author may sign on behalf of all of the other authors of a particular paper, providing permission has been given to do so. In this case, the author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors. Digital signatures are not acceptable.

The copyright form is available here, with the conference title and editors already filled out for you. The best way to return it to us would be by printing, signing, and scanning it, then including it in the zip or tar file that contains the final copy of your paper. If that is really not possible, you can email it to us at or send it in hardcopy to:

LIP6, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)
4 Place Jussieu, 75252 PARIS cedex 05, France


  Submit a Paper   (close)

Submission Categories and Acceptance

We welcome original, high-quality research contributions related to context. While papers focused on context as it relates to a single discipline are welcome, we especially encourage papers that themselves are interdisciplinary. All contributions will be evaluated not only for technical merit but also for accessibility to an interdisciplinary audience. Those accepted papers judged to have appeal and interest for all participants will be included in the plenary sessions. Others will be included in sessions for particular disciplines or topics, with the expectation that they will appeal to only a portion of the participants. Authors do not need to specify whether or not they feel the work warrants inclusion in the plenary sessions, as the program committee will make such determination. Similarly, authors do not need to specify whether their work is to be considered for a full paper presentation or as a poster submission. (If you would like to present a poster, however, see the instructions below.)

Separate calls for participation for the doctoral consortium and the workshops will be available from the conference website.

All accepted papers, posters and workshops descriptions will be published in the proceedings, provided that they are received by the due date of final version of accepted papers, are formatted as specified, and authors are registered as described under Registration.

Preparation Instructions

Since accepted papers will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series, all submissions must be formatted in accordance with Springer's guidelines for that series. These guidelines are available
here or directly from Springer's website. Templates are available at Springer's website for both LATEX and Word formats. For convenience, they are also located here: The Springer site also contains a link to the guidelines for camera-ready submission. Although it contains a copyright form, please use the one provided here.

Submission process      -----> Close

All papers, whether intended for the technical program (plenary and topic papers), workshops, or the doctoral consortium, must be submitted electronically via the EasyChair conference management system. Papers must be submitted in PDF format only. Paper lengths, unless specifically stated otherwise by a workshop, are:
    Full paper: maximum of 14 pages
    Poster: extended abstract (5 pages maximum)
    Doctoral consortium: 1-2 page (2000-3000 word) abstract
To submit an extended abstract for consideration to present a poster, you may either follow the directions below for submitting via EasyChair (in which case, your abstract's title should start with "Poster Submission") or email your abstract directly to the conference organizers (with the subject CONTEXT-17: poster submission).

Create an EasyChair account. To submit a paper, you must create an account on EasyChair. If you already have an account, go to the EasyChair website using this link, log in and go to the next step. If you do not have an account, go to the EasyChair website using this link. Under the red "Log in" button, click on the link to create an account, or you can click this link directly. Follow the directions to create an account and then log in.

Submitting a paper. Log in to the EasyChair site. Once you have logged in, you will see information about the conference. Of interest here is the first menu item at the top of the page, "New Submission". Click on that, which will take you to a page that lists the possible venues for your submission: the Plenary Conference (i.e., the main conference, which includes both plenary sessions and topic sessions as well as the poster session), the various workshops, and the doctoral consortium. Select the one in which you are interested and click "Continue". This will take you to a form you can use to submit your paper.

Copyright form. Once your paper has been accepted for publication, you must sign a copyright form and return it to the conference organizers. The form can be found here.

Important Dates
Workshop submission due:       30  December 2016
Final version due (all) :             1st  March       2017