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  CONTEXT-17: Session Types

  Session Types

CONTEXT-17 will have four types of tracks for the papers: plenary tracks, topic tracks, poster tracks and workshops.

Plenary tracks will contain papers that are broadly interdisciplinary and potentially of interest to everyone attending the conference.

Topic tracks will group together papers coming from submission to the conference or to workshops that are still accessible to a broad audience although focused on particular topics.

Poster session will group together presentations that are focused on a specific research and offers the opportunity for strong interaction with any audience interested by the subject.

Workshops (or specialized sessions) will center around even more focused topics or problems of interest related to context, often within a single domain or discipline.

A paper may be submitted to the main conference (either session type) or to a workshop via the EasyChair conference software (see submission). If submitted to and selected for presentation at the main conference, the choice of session type may be modified determined by the scientific committee (SC) based on assessing the paper's likely appeal to a broad as opposed to a narrower audience. Papers that are not accepted to the main conference may, however, be perfectly appropriate for poster or workshop. In this latter case, upon consultation with the workshop organizer(s), the author(s) will be contacted with that suggestion. A paper submitted to a workshop may similarly be judged to be of broader interest, and so (again via consultation between the workshop organizer(s) and the scientific committee) the author may be offered acceptance of his/her paper to a topic track of the main conference program.