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Roots of CONTEXT

CONTEXT has for twenty years brought together researchers in a wide range of disciplines to present their work related to issues of context, contextual knowledge and reasoning and to discuss commonalities across and differences between their disciplines’ approaches to the study of context. It is unique in focusing on context as a subject of study in its own right, and it has become one of the premier venues for context-related research. Although there are other conferences that specialize in context in application areas and domains (e.g., context-aware systems and applications, context in language, etc.), CONTEXT differs in that it focuses on aspects of context itself and how context is modeled and used in multiple areas and domains, especially how context is similar and different across disciplines.

This year is a milestone: CONTEXT-17 is the tenth conference in and the twentieth anniversary of the series. As such, with this conference we renew our focus on providing a truly interdisciplinary venue for context research. Thus, submissions will need to be written in such a way that non-specialists can understand the work. However, this year we are explicitly soliciting papers that highlight how such work impacts and is related to other disciplines and that are written with a broad interdisciplinary audience in mind.