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Registration (Registration page)

Due to the integration of the workshops into the main conference, there is a single registration fee for each participant that covers the main conference and any workshop(s) he or she may be accepted to.  The registration fee also includes a welcoming cocktail hour and the conference dinner.  There is also a single schedule for the events, although the organization of each workshop will be the responsibility of the WS organizer(s).

Registration is not open at this time.  When it is, this page will contain a form that you will fill out with general information about yourself.  You will then be directed to the Web page of the conference bank,
Crédit Mutuel (the bank of the French Association for Context), to provide confidential payment information.

Note that in the past, a problem that has occurred is that participants' personal or institutional banks may not be familiar with international bank transfers.  You may have to ask your bank ahead of time to accept a transfer request from Crédit Mutuel. If you continue to have problems, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers.