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  CONTEXT-17: Presentations
Presentations made during the three days of the conference
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ii            Invited talk :  Personal Context Modeling and Annotations (Fausto Giunchiglia)


3            Assertion De Re  (Gregory Bochner)                     

15          Pejoratives, Contexts and Presuppositions (Manuel Garcia-Carpintero)


              Context in representation

27          From a Contextual Graph to a Tree Representation (Kimberly García and Patrick Brézillon)

41          Enriching a Situation Awareness Framework for IoT with Knowledge Base and Reasoning
                Components (N. Kolbe et al.)                      

55          When Do the Truth-Conditions of S knows that p Change?  (S. Leardi and N. Vassallo)

69          Derived Contexts: A New Argument for Their Usefulness (Josep Macià)

81          Discovering Context to Prune Large and Complex Search Spaces (A. Satish et al.)


              Context modeling of human activities

97          Reasoning in Epistemic Contexts (Yves Bouchard)

111        Contextual Modeling of Group Activity (Patrick Brézillon)

125        Accountability Breeds Response-ability: Contextual Debiasing and Accountability in
                Argumentation (V. Correia)

135        Human Activity Recognition Using Place-based Data Fusion in Smart Homes
                 (J. Cumin et al.)

149        Contextual Graphs for Modeling Group Interaction (Kimberly García and Patrick Brézillon)

163        Constraint-based Context Model for Business Process Integration in a Higher Education
                Domain  (J.E. Giraldo Plaza et al.)

173        The ContextAct@A4H Real-life Dataset of Daily-living Activities–Activity Recognition
                Using Model Checking (P. Lago et al.)

187        Smart Is a Matter of Context (J. Nigon et al.)

201        Extending Contextual Blindness (S. Pistoia-Reda)

211        Multi-purpose Adaptation in the Web of Things (M. Terdjimi et al.)

225        Context and the Virtual Human (Chris Wilson and Roy Turner)


              Context in Communication

241        Is Flew’s No True Scotsman Fallacy a True Fallacy? A Contextual Analysis (R. Anderson)

253        Occasion-Sensitive Semantics (Tamara Dobler)

267        Contextualism and Echolalia (Michal Gleitman)

277        Cooperating Context Method: A Contextual Approach to Story Generation and Telling
                (J. Hollister and A. Gonzalez)

289        Three Versions of Semantic Minimalism (Yang Hu)

303        Security Policy Model for Ubiquitous Social Systems (V. Jovanovikj et al.)

315        The Role of the Ostensive Communicative Context in the Childhood Social Learning
                (Emiliano Loria)

325        The Role of the Ostensive Communicative Context in the Childhood Social Learning
                (W. Rebhi)

337        Influence of Lexical Markers on the Production of Contextual Factors Inducing Irony
               (E. Rivière and M. Champagne-Lavau)

343        Context and Natural Language in Formal Concept Analysis (Tim Wray and Peter Eklund)



              Context awareness

359        Context-Aware User Interfaces for Intelligent Emergency Applications
                (F. Batarseh and J. Pithadia)

371        Unified Modeling of Quality of Context and Quality of Situation for Context-Aware
                Applications in the Internet of Things

377        Requirements Elicitation and Complex Systems Modeling: An Interdisciplinary
                Approach to Emergency Situations

385        Modeling Situations in an Intelligent Connected Furniture Environment
               (C. Deffo Sikounmo et al.)

399        Context-aware Big Data Analytics and Visualization for City-wide Traffic Accidents
                (X. Fan et al.)

409        Context-aware Data Synchronisation during Emergencies (A. Hassani et al.)

421        Is “Context-aware Reasoning = Case-based Reasoning”? (N. Khan et al.)

435        Quality on Context Engineering (Manuele Kirsch-Pinheiro and Carine Souveyet)

443        Supporting Context-Aware Engineering Based on Stream Reasoning
                (D. Kramer and J. Augusto)                

457        Can an Affect-Sensitive System Afford to be Context Independent?
                (A. Marpaung and A. Gonzalez)



              Specific Topics


              Context in Management (Chairs: M. Borges, J. Canos, F. Santoro, K. Revoredo)

475        The Role of Context Within the Interactions of Knowledge Intensive Processes
                (J. Goncalves et al.)

489        Contextual Support for Emergency Management Training: Challenges for Simulation and
                Serious Games (I. Heldal)

503        Improving Defect Tracking Using Shared Context (H. Tahir et P. Brézillon)


              Context in Learning (Chairs: J. Bourdeau, T. Forissier)

517        Elaborating the Context Calculator: A Design Experiment in Geothermy (C. Anjou et al.)

531        Contextualising Contrastive Discourse Relations: Evidence from Single-authored and
                Co-constructed Texts (A. Fetzer)

545        The DBR Methodology for the Study of Context in Learning (J. Bourdeau)


              Quality awareness in modeling and using context in Applications-QAMUCA
               (Chairs: S. Chabridon, P. Marie)

561        A Context Aware Framework for Mobile Crowd-Sensing (A. Hassani et al.)

575        Quality Parameters as Modeling Language Abstractions for Context-aware Applications:
                An AAL Case Study (J. Hoyos et al.)

589        Focus on the User: A User Relative Coordinate System for Activity Detection (A. Jhan et al.)


              Context in the explanation and evaluation of human reasoning
               (Chairs : M. Sbisà, P. Labinaz)

605        Contextual Reasoning in Human Cognition and the Implications for Artificial Intelligence
                Systems (D. Hollister et al.)

615        Investigating the Causal Link between Context Triggers and Context: An Adaptive
                Approach (T. Nyan)

621        Putting Context Dependent Human Logical Reasoning into the Right Context (A. Veszelka)


              Context in Linguistics and Philosophy (Chairs : S. Pistoia-Reda, M. Vignolo)

637        Immediate and General Common Ground (L. Berio et al.)

651        Gender Roles in Russian Prohibitive Constructions: A Corpus Study (O. Blinova and E.

665        A Contextualist Analysis of Insults (Y. Sandy Berkovski)


              Context in Psychology and bias  (Chair : C. Penco)

681        Context and Interference Effects in the Combinations of Natural Concepts (D. Aerts et al.)

695        A Computational Logic Approach to the Belief Bias in Human Syllogistic Reasoning
                (E.-A. Dietz)

709        Schizophrenic Conversations and Context Shifting (M. Rebuschi)