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  CONTEXT-17: Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium

The CONTEXT-17 Doctoral Consortium is an opportunity for doctoral researchers to showcase their work and discuss problems, challenges, and ideas in an open and collegial environment with peer review feedback. The Doctoral Consortium is a 1 day workshop for doctoral researchers from all over the world who are in the early and middle phases of their research work (i.e., the Consortium is not intended for those who are finished or nearly finished their PhD research).

The goal of the Doctoral Consortium is to help doctoral researchers advance their work by providing feedback and  advice in a constructive atmosphere. Doctoral researchers will present and discuss their research with other doctoral researchers and an international panel of established researchers that provide expert feedback both prior to and during the event. The workshop will take place on a single full day the day prior to the start of the main CONTEXT 2017 conference.

Doctoral researchers will have at most 20 minutes to present their research, focusing on the main theme of their thesis, what they have achieved so far and how they plan to continue with their work. Another 10 minutes is reserved for discussion and feedback from both professors and other participants. In the course of the workshop, doctoral researchers will also have an opportunity to discuss more general questions related to doctoral research, e.g., on the differences between in Ph.D. studies in various countries or on different methodological approaches taken by various disciplines.

Context is an interdisciplinary conference and the Doctoral Consortium encourages submissions that include trans-disciplinary approaches as well as submissions from various disciplines. Because this is an international and interdisciplinary conference, we ask that you take this into account when writing your paper.

Evaluation Criteria

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of reviewers (see program committee committee). To be considered, all submissions must:
  1. Clearly formulate the research question,
  2. Identify the significant problems in the field of research,
  3. Summarize the current knowledge of the problem domain, as well as the state of the art for solutions,
  4. Present any preliminary research plans and ideas, and the results achieved so far,
  5. Sketch the research methodology that is to be applied,
  6. Outline the expected contributions and describe how the research is innovative, novel or extends existing approaches.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, correctness, and clarity. Workshop participation is limited to 16 participants.

Submission format

Initial submissions should be a 1-2 page (2000-3000 word) abstract and include an accompanying letter (or email) from the thesis supervisor supporting participation. Participants will be selected on the basis of their relevance and completeness. A full paper of between 6-8 pages is then invited and participation is confirmed upon its upload. Formatting guidelines are identical as those for CONTEXT-17 and published in here.


Peter EKLUND, DC Chair (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)